Unit 4, 35 Foundry Rd
Seven Hills, NSW 2147



As well as providing you with new letterbox banks, we offer a complete repair, refurbishment and replacement package to help you upgrade your current mail delivery area.

We can provide you with a mail pick up point within the confines of the property, built into the front fence or freestanding inside the main driveway.

We offer the following installation options:

  • Supply and install of new letterbox bank
  • Front or rear mail retrieval
  • Removal of old letterboxes
  • Demolition of brickwork
  • Rebuild masonry brick, block, stone or timber walls
  • Repairs to surrounding masonry walls and footpaths
  • Concrete letterbox surrounds
  • Cover panels over old letterboxes
  • Wall mounted with concealed internal mounting brackets
  • Floor mounted on support posts
  • Concrete into ground on posts
  • Free standing banks with side post support
  • Recessed into masonry wall with flush mount surround trim
  • Specific identification signage and numbering
  • Signage for the complex can also be built in or installed separately to the bank
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